Our Prayer

Adonai, God of all living things.

You are the God of children whose parents care for them and You are the God of children who have no caring parents.

Your love for your children is reflected in the mother’s kiss on her child’s cheek, and in the warmth of a father’s hug. It is through parent’s nurturing care and encouragement that a child’s dreams are able to soar to the heights of Heaven. Parents are your partners on Earth to provide the child with food for their stomachs and souls; for shelter for the growth of their body and maturity of their minds.

Adonai, You are also the God of children who have no parents to kiss them when they cry or hug them when their sad and scared.   Why should they be forced to live their lives with the scars of abandonment? Should they not to be blessed with the same gifts as those with parents? Who will watch over them and who will sustain them?  Who will comfort them and who will nurture their growth?

We come here today to reflect on the children who have no parents or whose parents have forsaken them.

We cannot eliminate their wounds, but we can help provide for them and ease their pain and be Your partner performing these mitzvot of kindness.

The Psalmist declares that “You are the father of orphans”.  The Book of Psalms extols that “You have eternally been the orphan’s help”. Just as you care for the orphan, so must we.  Just as you embrace the child without a parent, we need to to do our best to do the same. Just as You feed those who are hungry, we need to do our best to provide the same. Just as You provide a home for our protection and security, we need to do our best to provide a warm and welcoming home and environment to protect these unfortunate children who by no fault of their own are enduring these hardships

On this day and beyond we pray for Your guidance, inspiration, and strength to follow your example and act in Your manifestation to provide the care and love of a mother and father to these beautiful children.


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